we have sixteen professors and eleven lecturers. All of them have great teaching & practicing experience in business administration.
Name Title Education Course Office Ext. Email
Liao, Chin-Nung Associate Prof.& Chairperson Ph.D.in Management Sciences, TamKang University Management, Marketing Mgt, Public Relations Room L1001-4 213#141
Tang, Chih-Lung Prof. Ph.D.in Industrial Education, National Taiwan Normal University Org. Behavior、Human Resources Mgt、Adult Education Room L908 213#308
Wu, Ming-Hsiung Prof. Ph.D., Iowa State University, USA. Mgt Psychology ,Innovation Mgt, Public Relations L711-7 228 or 216#26
Fu, Ching-Chun Associate Prof. Ph.D.in Industrial Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Statistics, Production Mgt Room L909 213#309
Shih, Yi-Liang Assistant Prof. MBA(Technology Mgt), Northrop University in USA Tech. Mgt, Quality Mgt, Business Policy Room L1008 213#108
Hung, Ju-Yao Assistant Prof. Ph.D.in BA, National Taipei University Marketing Mgt, Human Resource Mgt, Managerial Accounting Room L1013 213#113
Yeh, Ching-Wen Assistant Prof. Ph.D.in BA, Ming-Chuan University Human Resource Mgt, Service Mgt, Research Methodology Room L1011 213#111
Hsu, Chun-Lin Associate Prof. Ph.D.in Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University Statistics, Production Mgt, Logistics Mgt, Quality Mgt Room L1010 213#110
Chu, Yueh-Yun Assistant Prof. Ph.D in BA, Argosy University E-Commerce、Project Management Room L1001-5 213#151
Fu, Yen-Kai Assistant Prof. Ph.D.in Public Administration, National Taipei University Statistics, Economics Room L1001-6 213#161